Tuesday, March 06, 2012

AdWords and AdSense statistics temporarily delayed

As some of you may have noticed, since approximately 2pm PST this Monday, March 5th, there's been a delay for statistics reported in AdWords and AdSense. While the reports are delayed, whether you are an AdWords advertiser or an AdSense publisher, your ads are serving as usual, with no disruptions.

This is a result of a temporary technical issue with our "statistics pipeline" (this is the system that translates the raw data into meaningful and actionable metrics for you). Our engineers are working hard to resolve the issue, and should have all your stats updated, current and complete by early Tuesday morning (PST).

We appreciate your patience. We'll update this post with any additional information and status reports.

Update, March 6, 2012: As of approximately 2 am PST this morning, most AdWords and AdSense stats are back to normal in your accounts. A few daily reports, including the search query report, geo reports, and domain and url reports will not be fully restored until approximately midnight PST today. Thank you for your continuing patience!

Update, March 7, 2012: We’re happy to report all stats and reports in your AdWords and AdSense accounts are completely restored, and back to normal. Thanks!