Thursday, May 14, 2015

AdWords Editor now supports labels, Upgraded URLs, ads in apps, and more!

Late last year, we introduced AdWords Editor 11.0, which represented the most significant update to the tool since it was released in 2006. Today, we’re introducing another exciting update to AdWords Editor, available to all advertisers globally. This version includes full support for labels, Upgraded URLs, call-only ads, ads in mobile apps, and much more. Let’s explore further.


Based on your feedback, AdWords Editor now has full support for labels. Labels are an effective way to organize objects in your account, like campaigns and keywords, into meaningful groupings so you can quickly and easily filter and report on the data that’s most relevant to your business.

Now you can create, edit, or delete labels using the Labels tab under the Shared library in AdWords Editor. Assign or remove labels to and from your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads in their respective data views. You can also filter your views using labels as well as export and import any account changes related to labels.
Upgraded URLs

Earlier this year, we introduced Upgraded URLs to help you save time when managing URL tracking information, reduce how often Google crawls your website, and provide access to new ValueTrack and custom tracking parameters. To help you upgrade to the new system by July 1st, we’ve added support for Upgraded URLs. You can now upgrade your destination URLs using AdWords Editor, and once you’ve upgraded, manage your final URLs and tracking templates at scale. You can learn more about how to upgrade your URLs in our Help Center article.

Call-only ads

Call-only ads represent an easy and efficient way for mobile consumers to connect with your business over the phone. Now you can create and manage these ads in AdWords Editor.

Ads in mobile apps

By showing ads in mobile apps, you can reach the growing number of people using mobile devices to play games, listen to music, and stay entertained. Under “Keywords and targeting,” you can now choose to show your ads for certain categories of apps, including specific apps (or placements) and mobile app categories, like Games and Shopping.

Parental status and custom affinities on the GDN

Demographic targeting enables you to reach people across the Google Display Network (GDN) who are likely to be within a particular demographic group. In addition to gender and age, you can now select to reach your customers based on their parental status.

We’ve also added support for custom affinity under Audiences. Using custom affinity audiences, you can create your own affinity audiences, tailored to your business, to reach the right customers who are interested in your products or services.

And much more...

This latest version of AdWords Editor also features improvements to the search bar, more localization support, and enhancements to overall UI navigation. You can learn more about all the new features in our Help Center article.

Upgrade to AdWords Editor 11.1 today!

Posted by Geoff Menegay, Product Manager, AdWords Editor