Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Introducing Manufacturer Center - a tool to help brand manufacturers provide authoritative product information to online shoppers

With more than 100 billion searches per month, Google answers a significant number of the world’s product and shopping-related queries. And online shoppers expect product information, such as images, descriptions and variants, to be accurate, rich and consistent. Manufacturer product data is critical to deliver this experience.

Today we’re launching Google Manufacturer Center: a tool that helps brand manufacturers accurately represent their products to shoppers across google.com, Google Shopping and other Google services. By uploading authoritative product data to the tool, manufacturers enrich their product listings across Google to help shoppers make more informed buying decisions.
Product data submitted to Manufacturer Center influences how your brand is represented across Google.
In addition to ensuring their product data is accurate, manufacturers can also gain product level insights into the data they provide. For example, they’ll learn how many times their products appear on Google within a given timeframe and how many times shoppers click on their products versus competing products in their category. "The reports available through Google's Manufacturer Center help us understand how shoppers interact with our brand so we can optimize our product data and grow impression volume as well as shopper engagement," says Sonesh Shah, Director of Digital, Bosch Power Tools.
The analytics dashboard in Manufacturer Center provides tips on how to improve the performance of your products across Google.
Manufacturers can choose to either upload their product data directly to Manufacturer Center or select an approved Google Shopping Partner for product information management. These partners, such as Salsify and Shotfarm, are industry leaders in organizing and distributing product data.

If you’re a brand manufacturer and interested in Manufacturer Center, please complete our interest form and we will reach out with next steps. You can also learn more about the product in our Manufacturer Help Center.

Posted by Matt Henderson, Product, Google Shopping