Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reaching users across Search, Play, YouTube and the Google Display Network with Universal App Campaigns — an easy way to promote your Android app

A couple of weeks ago we announced the global availability of Universal App Campaigns, a powerful way to reach potential app users across our entire network -- Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network (GDN). We’re pleased to share that starting today, it’s even easier for developers to grow their user base at scale by creating universal app campaigns directly from the Google Play Developer Console.

Universal app campaigns are the one-stop-shop campaign type that scales your reach and maximizes Android app installs across Google’s entire suite of ad platforms. You also save valuable time because we’ve automated campaign set-up, optimization and ongoing account management to help you achieve the app install goals that you have set, such as volume and cost per install (CPI).

With universal app campaigns, your app is promoted on YouTube to build your brand and drive installs on the platform with over a billion users. Your ads can also reach audiences across 650K apps that use the AdMob platform and 2M+ web sites in the Google Display Network. And importantly, universal app campaigns tap into intent-rich searches like “fitness tracker” and “productivity tips” that are happening throughout the day on Google Search and “adventure games” and “puzzle games” on Google Play so your app can be seen when a user is most likely to be looking for a new app to download.

You can get started in AdWords or the Google Play Developer Console with a few simple inputs:
  1. A few lines of ad text to describe your app and a YouTube URL (if you have a video)
  2. The locations and language that you wish to reach
  3. Your daily budget and target cost-per-install (CPI)
We’ll pull in app images, videos and app descriptions from your Google Play store listing to generate ad formats that look great wherever they are placed.

From there, our systems will automatically optimize your campaigns and use dynamic learning to maximize app install volume at your target cost-per-install. How does our dynamic learning system work? We test different versions of your ad text and app images in each of the eligible Google properties and networks to determine the best-performing variations. Throughout each day, we also actively adjust bids to get you more installs and optimize your targeting to the right audiences. Because our systems methodically update and search for new targeting segments, creating a universal app campaign is a low-maintenance, automated way to continuously get new users.
Universal app campaigns intro video

Developers are already taking advantage of the simplicity and install volume you can drive with universal app campaigns.

José Maria Pertusa, CMO of Linio shared that, "Universal app campaigns are an easy way to promote our app across Google Search, Google Play, the Google Display Network and YouTube. We were looking for a way to take advantage of the reach and scale of Google's networks and expand into new markets without having to manage multiple campaigns. With universal app campaigns, we only had to set up one campaign that drove more than 10,000 new installs in one month and install volume is continuing to trend up over time. We're also seeing a 20% lower CPI compared to other channels."

"We wanted to accelerate growth in new markets, and Universal app campaigns helped achieve that goal in a simple and scalable way. With just one campaign, we were able to reach athletes across Google Search, Google Play, the Google Display Network, YouTube and AdMob. It was quick and easy to set up, and within the first month, we doubled paid install volume in key countries while maintaining our target CPI goals. Universal app campaigns will continue to be a core part of our global user acquisition strategy.” - Andrew Touchstone, Director of Marketing at Strava

This is an exciting time for developers as apps continue to help people find information and complete everyday tasks. At Google, we’re more committed than ever to partnering with developers on this journey and providing you with all the app promotion tools and best practices that you need to drive growth for your businesses.

Posted by Surojit Chatterjee, Director, Product Management, Mobile Search Ads