Wednesday, August 05, 2015

View and analyze your data instantly with the new Report Editor

Over the course of the next few months, we will be rolling out the Report Editor—a powerful AdWords tool that lets you explore your account data in brand new ways from within your browser.

Slice and dice your data in seconds

The Report Editor provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you build custom tables and charts that can be segmented, sorted, and filtered to help you find the insights that matter to your business.

With Report Editor, you can:
  • explore your data with simple drag and drop actions 
  • sort, filter, and pivot your data to focus on the slices of information you need
  • visualize your data in pie, bar, or line charts to reveal powerful insights
  • apply multiple segmentations to analyze your data with finer granularity
Getting started with the Report Editor is easy. For example, to examine performance across devices, simply drag and drop the metrics and dimensions you like into your table or chart. You can look at metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions, and then add dimensions like device, campaign, or ad group to segment your data further.

Visualize your data for more powerful insights

Visualizing data in a chart can make your data more actionable. Charts can quickly unveil performance trends that may be missed when looking at numbers alone. Now, you can instantly create a line, pie, or bar chart to surface your key insights. Want to try a different visualization? It just takes a click to instantly switch between different charts and tables. Just like tables, you can save and share your charts with others or set them to run regularly.

Advertisers who have tried the Report Editor are already benefitting from the tool’s flexibility and speed. Eve Denton, Senior Account Manager at Metric Theory tells us, “The Report Editor lets me instantly analyze performance data for mobile, search, and location. I can also manipulate my report at the drop of a hat—all I need to do is drag and drop. Having the ability to quickly alter the date range I'm viewing rather than re-downloading and re-pivoting has vastly decreased the amount of time I spend creating reports.”

Getting started

We are rolling out access to the Report Editor over the next few months. You’ll know you have access when you see the new Reports tab in your account. From the Reports tab, you can open a pre-defined report or create your own report from scratch.

Check out the new Advanced Reporting guide for tips on monitoring actionable insights in your reporting and the AdWords Help Center for more details on how to use Report Editor. Stay tuned for future updates that will let you add even more data to the Report Editor.

Posted by Jon Diorio, Group Product Manager, Google AdWords